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Enough is Enuf!

We have learned to accept many things in this country. It is as if “anything goes” when it comes to public policy and public acts. We have become so accustomed to aberrant behavior that it just seems normal.

If we fail to believe in anything, then we will accept any result. We must have standards of normalcy if we are to keep making progress. We should be unwavering in our ideals of the things that define us as human beings.

What we stand for is of major importance during every election. There must be some things that are important to us and define us as Americans. There should be nothing more important than how we treat other people. It is what makes us different from animals.

Each of us must accept responsibility for the world in which we live. Whom we elect as our representatives will help us define the decisions that are made on our behalf. We cannot escape that we are here for a purpose and if we abdicate this and turn everything over to others, we are abandoning our duty as human beings.

Some of us do not vote but like to complain. Someone said,” You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.” Nothing could be more true. If conditions or circumstances are not what we desire, the first question should be “What can I do about it?” If we are not engaged, we must accept the consequences. Everybody does not vote, but it is the only capital where the worth of each person who participates is equal.

It is not enough to complain. To change things, action is required.


Brad Thomp

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