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You Can Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time

We have watched Congress as they sought to get William Barr, the US Attorney General, to admit that President Trump, if he did not collude with Russia, was all too happy to use the information they uncovered to help his political campaign. We will never know if Russia’s help or the infamous eleventh hour comment from James Comey helped him to defeat Hillary Clinton. The fact is that he won the Electoral College and became President of Unites States by the narrowest margin in key states even though he did not win the popular vote. For the past two years we have seen what the Trump presidency is like. The Golden Rule applies -he who has the gold rules.

Now Congress is faced with a dilemma. Should they impeach Trump or his surrogates or should they move on with other pressing business. The Speaker of House, Nancy Pelosi, has made it clear she does not want to clog up the system with an Impeachment hearing that seems to be doomed with Republicans holding a majority in the Senate. If they do not agree, which seems like they will not, the President cannot be removed. So this becomes an exercise in futility and a grand waste of valuable time. There are a number of Democrats who disagree. Most notable is Maxine Waters who has long called for the President’s impeachment. It seems, that Barr, and Sandra Huckabee Sanders, and Kellye Ann Conway and Trump supporters are willing to say and do anything to keep him in power. Even Senator Lindsay Graham seems to have fallen in line as the issue of deceit becomes more possible. It’s as if they say “Are you going to believe Trump or your lying eyes(and ears)”.

I have not read the full Mueller report. At over 400 pages, I will get to it when I can. But I have witnessed this guy operate as President for over two years. I must say that I do not like much that I have seen. He is not confident, he is pompous. He is not respectful, he is a bully. He is not capable, he is a pretender. It did not take over 400 pages and 2 years or Mueller to uncover this. I have seen it for myself. It would do the country a great favor if heT just resigned. Failing that, he must be removed.

I know Congress has many important things before it. We are a diverse country with many needs. Our strength and our economy are the envy of many countries across the world. As we have set the standard in those things, we must set the standard for doing what’s right. It is the country we purport to be. I don’t think we have been lying to the world all these years. Or have we?

Leaving it up to electorate may be the wisest choice. I am not sure it is the right one. We have many committees in the House of Representatives. Maybe one of them should be tasked with not only Russian interference but did the President benefit from and encourage their lawless acts and did he try to cover up things by threatening people. If he did, He should be held accountable. The other committees should go on with their important work. Immigration, transportation, infrastructure, education, human rights, security and other things are very important. But the actions of the President are too much to be swept under the rug.

We must act for the future of our county. As hard as it may be, we must walk and chew gum at the same time.

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