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Brad's Commentary from Recent Public Events:
A Great Place to Live! : 
Comments made at the Raleigh Community Relations Commission  forum on 1/31/2015

 - Civil Rights
Comments made at the Justice Theater Project's presentation of "Voices That Challenge"
at the NC Museum of History 2/14/2015



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Brad at NC NAACP Moral Monday Rally

Moral Monday protests were in response to several actions by the government of North Carolina elected into office by the citizens of North Carolina in 2013. The protests were characterized by engaging in civil disobedience by entering the state legislature building and then being peacefully arrested. The movement protested wide ranging issues under the blanket of unfair treatment, discrimination, and adverse effects of government legislation on the citizens of NC.



Another remarkably diverse group of North Carolinians made the personal and moral decision to engage in non-violent civil disobedience. They include workers, veterans, labor activists, students, college professors, the Chair of the Durham County Board of Elections and clergy, all ranging in age from 19 - 83.

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