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Why I'm going to Vote

It seems that too many people are questioning whether their vote matters in this election. I am convinced that it matters a great deal and I am going to make sure that I vote. Early voting begins October 23rd and Election Day is November 4th. I will be in the number.

We do not have to look beyond our own borders in North Carolina to see the debilitating effect of not participating. Voter Suppression has turned into Voter Intimidation with Americans for Prosperity distributing misinformation to voters about their status. We have elected to not participate in the Affordable Care Act denying hundreds of thousands of people access to health care. We have cut education by $500,000,000 leading to larger class sizes and fewer teachers. We have now sunk past Mississippi to the lowest state in support for education in the country. We have eliminated the Racial Justice Act. We have ended the Low Income Tax Credit for families that really need it. We have cut the length and the amount of unemployment compensation. This has been led by a reactionary General Assembly that in a few years is seeking to dismantle years of progress. Is this the price we are prepared to pay? When is enough enough?

I am not so jaded as to feel that everything is made right by voting. It is not. But it is one place where our capital is equal. A vote counts no matter who

places it. People we care about are being hurt daily by these misguided public policies. It must stop. And if casting my ballot leads to the ending of this, I will cast my ballot. It is not for the brave people who fought so hard, even gave their lives, for our right to vote. It is for me and my children that I do it. It is for those of us who live today and for those who will follow us.

This is too important to be taken for granted. I hope everyone who can will vote.

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