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Perseverance Pays

There is a lesson to be learned from the recent approval of President Obama’s recommendation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General; it is that perseverance pays. The historic 164 days between nomination and confirmation should be an embarrassment to the US Senate. Who could object if the President and Ms. Lynch became angry and lashed out at those (including North Carolina Senators Burr and Tillis) who voiced groundless opposition to her being appointed? However, the President and Ms. Lynch did not lash out - they kept their poise and pressed forward. This occurred even as opposition held her hostage to an Act that should have had nothing to do with her being the next Attorney General.

Such is the hatred for President Obama and the previous Attorney General, Eric Holder. It would seem that it should be everyone’s goal to make this country more equal for all citizens. Unfortunately, such is not the case. Whether it has been the scores of attempts to dismantle or overturn “ObamaCare”, or to meddle in the President’s efforts to conduct diplomacy, or the personal insults hurled from what is supposed to be a chamber marked by civility; this administration has endured unprecedented treatment.

The reasoning for the delay could not be that Lynch was unqualified. That has never been the question. It has been widely accepted that her two tenures as the US Attorney for New York have prepared her well for this position. She has magnificent training and has had a long and distinguished career. We are proud that she is a North Carolinian and the first African American female to serve in this position; but those facts alone do not make her the best choice for this appointment. She has simply earned the right to be considered for this position through her own excellence.

Nearly two years remain for the Obama administration. It will not be an easy time, but then again, it never has been.If real change, the promised change, is to occur in America - we cannot proceed the way we have done in the past. It requires that we do something different. We must have a clear compass and stay committed to those beliefs that will make this a better place for all. We cannot get caught up in meaningless power struggles that do nothing but magnify the distance that we have to travel.

If we are to accept the challenge of the future, we must remain confident in our ability to steer this country toward a future that is better than it’s past. We should also accept that this evolution to greatness does not occur quickly. We must remain strong. We must remain vigilant. We must persevere.

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