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For those of us who fancy ourselves as bid whist or spades players, there is no worse development than having your best card "trumped" by an opponent who find themselves out of the suit you've played. Such is the case with the GOP. In spite of mustering all it can from many contenders for the Republican Presidential nomination, all have been out shone by Donald Trump. He of the bad hair and the uncountable money has dominated the discussion so far and has become the media darling and the preference of the plurality of the GOP. Along the way he seems to have offended almost every group that makes up this country. He has talked about the other candidates. He has said vile things about Mexicans. He has offended women. How does he expect to win?

In spite of all this, his standing among likely Republican voters seems to be rising. He has gone from being a joke to a serious contender for the nomination. Do his comments represent how the majority of the Republican voters feel? I hope not. If so, that party has some serious issues. This is not a matter of being "politically correct". It is about having respect for other human beings.

Since the Supreme Court's Citizen United decision allowed money to be counted as free speech and corporations to have the same voice as individuals, the GOP has had a love affair with billionaires. Addleson, the Koch Brothers and others have used their tremendous wealth to buy political power. Not only have they suggested the priorities; they have supported candidates who thought as they thought and, more importantly, voted as they demanded. Be careful of what you ask for - you just might get it.

Donald Trump is exercising the kind of independence that only money can buy. He does not have to listen to anybody and seems to be guided by his own enormous ego. His preposterous "birther" stand against President Obama was just an example of the sheer denial that he uses as informed thinking.

I hope the Republicans do nominate him. I, for one, cannot wait until Election Day in November of next year, when I can join other Americans in giving an opinion of his potential leadership by saying "Donald Trump, you're fired!".

Brad Thompson September, 2015

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