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Do the Debates Mean Anything?

I have been among the many who have questioned the value of the debates. After all, it is hard to see why any rational voter is left with anything to decide. The differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are stark. This not only applies to policy but also in the appropriate role of government. We have seen through the primary their points of view and we have also seen how they respond to challenges. There has been ample opportunity to examine these candidates and what they stand for. There is much to choose from as they represent a different view of the present and of the future. One sees America as getting better while the other sees America in peril and our very standard of living under assault. As a voter, you are either in one camp or you are in the other. There seems to be little or no reason a person has not made up his or her mind.

As we enter the final days of this campaign, there are some people who cling dearly to a concept that a vote for either of these candidates makes no sense. Candidates from the Libertarian Party or the Green Party keep trying to convince us that a vote for them is a vote of conscience. They say this even though they know little about foreign policy and even less about the issues that affect everyday people. We cannot forget Ralph Nader in 2000. Although he did not get many votes, he did get enough to give us George Bush - and how did that work out? I’d hate to wake up to an America that calls Donald Trump Mister President. I would not leave the country, but it would be something that would take a lot of getting used to. You cannot lie your way to excellence. You cannot talk about everybody with such disrespect and expect everyone to love you. You cannot say crazy things and blame it on the press or a microphone or say you were quoted out of context. Some of the things you say stick. In this modern age of videos and social media, you cannot speak in isolation and expect no one to listen. What you say is documented and if you claim that you did not say it - as they say on Sports Center, “let’s go to the video tape”. The record speaks for itself. “The truth is the light, and they shall see.”

Let’s not be deceived. Let us be informed. Let’s vote. If it takes the debate for you to feel better about your vote, by all means watch. Whether its Hillary and Trump or Kaine and Pence, this race in 2016 is important. It is here and now. As we view these discussions, let’s keep in mind what kind of America we want--- for ourselves, for our children, for generations to follow. We need to look at the policies and practices of the candidates and determine who is best to lead.

I have made my choice and the debates only confirm my belief that I have chosen well.

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