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Do Unto Others...

Recently we have been hit by a tweet storm as the President of the United States seeks to vanquish his enemies by being meaner to them than they were to him. It seems he believes to be hit by a switch, a proper response is to hit back with a bat or a hammer, whichever one you happen to be holding at the moment. The majority of the electors put this person in place but he sure has a funny way of leading.

We should not be surprised. After all, this is the person who led the birther movement against Obama. That is not to mention the names he called his Republican Opponents during the primary season. Or his provocation of the crowds to “handle things” at his rallies. Or the disrespect he showed women at every turn. What did we expect?

We are accustomed to civility by the American President. No matter his private actions and personal thoughts, we just are not used to the vitriolic way the current President seems to respond to anyone who disagrees with him, particularly if that person or institution is an ally or an American. While he is measured in his tone for China, or Russia, or North Korea, he is quick to bring the hammer down on people who should be our friends. Am I missing something?

He has given the press much to talk about given his own actions. It seems that he just cannot keep his mouth shut or his fingers busy. He has enough to worry about to keep America safe and strong. Surrounding yourself with criminals and incompetents is not the way. An ignorant person with money is still ignorant. His relying on his own judgement is reason enough for concern. Those from whom he seeks advice or no better prepared. His decisions need to be checked.

It’s been a long time since I attended Hilly Branch Baptist Church in Lumberton, North Carolina. But one thing I did learn in Sunday School there was that if you wanted someone to treat you nice, the best way of ensuring that was that you treated them nice. The President seems to have forgotten this basic lesson. It’s win at all costs. It doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you end up on top. That may work in the Real Estate game or it may even work in the money making game. I am convinced that it is no way to live your life.

The Presidency is powerful position. It influences what happens domestically and internationally. It is about time that the current occupant of the White House reacquainted himself with the Golden Rule. It will not only enhance his personal reputation, it will ensure we have a better world.

Brad Thompson

July, 2017

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