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During more than 7 decades of living, there are many things that I have learned. I have listed a few of them below. I hope you will consider them as you resolve to make 2018 a better year than those that preceded it.

1. Help Somebody

There is always someone whose life circumstances can be improved by an act of kindness.

2. Examine Yourself

There are things we all can get rid of. The best journey begins with self-improvement.

3. Save

Putting aside just a little bit pays great dividends in the future.

4. Volunteer

An organization can benefit from your contribution of time. Make sure it’s something you care about.

5. Exercise

Time spent keeping fit is well invested.

6. Give

Your generosity is the best gift.

7. Eat Smart

What you put in your mouth may determine how long you live.

8. Read

The experience of others may keep you from making the same mistakes.

9. Believe

I attend church. I am convinced that there exists a greater power than me.

10. Forgive

Holding on to the mistakes of others may keep you from a glorious destiny.

Brad Thompson

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