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Somebody Who Thinks They Know Everything Is A Fool!

There is an old adage that “a person that acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client”. The same can be said for the person who thinks he knows everything, or at least the person who thinks he knows more about everything than anyone. Nothing can be further from the truth.

The reality is that we live in a community of knowledge. It is through collaboration and shared experiences that our decisions are improved. If we knew everything, we would be omniscient. We would be God. And we most certainly are not that. We fall far short.

That is not to say that decisions cannot be made by a leader. One who leads quickly understands the importance of listening, really listening. There may be information presented that might be important in making a decision. There are some people who may be smarter in some things that may possibly exceed your knowledge. Knowing that makes you smart not dumb.

Ego can lead one to think they are the best in everything. Just because you are a phenomenal businessman does not mean you will be a great politician. Just because you are a successful General does not mean you will become a rich businessman. Just because you are wonderful preacher does not mean you are an effective community leader. You might grow into these skills, but it is not automatic. There may be a different measure of success. It may require a different skill set.

President Trump has a very important job. He has been elected as the leader of this country. What he says and does matters a lot. He represents all of us -

those who voted for him and those who did not. It is important that he listens to all voices not just FOX news, or the NRA, or evangelicals or even Republicans. The children in Florida and around the country, Black Lives and Matter, and even the media did not arrive at their point of view without foundation. It may be that he knows more than most of us. It is not possible that he knows more than all of us.

No person is without fault. We are imperfect beings. When we come to realize that we are not infallible is the moment we become wise. Anyone who thinks they know everything or even thinks they are better, or better looking, or smarter than every other human being alive is just a big fool. And that does not depend on the position or office that they hold or have happened to be elected.

Brad Thompson,

April, 2018

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