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Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes

We are brought up to depend on our faculties. What is seen or what is heard helps us decode our environment. There are other senses, but these two are very important if we are to understand the world around us. But are we being fed a bunch of bull and these senses are not to be trusted? Have we come to rely on things that may be false or even fake?

Maybe the advent of TV, Cable News, and social media has gotten us so confused we can no longer separate fact from fiction. We are so mesmerized by what is being fed to us that discernment is lost. We cannot trust our instincts or ourselves.

We have entered a challenging time for this country. On the one hand, never in the history of

mankind has there been access to more information. The internet and the 24-hour news cycle have placed at our disposal more than we want to know. Gone are the days when CBS, ABC, and NBC determined what you would see in their 30 minute evening news. People like Edward R. Murrow, Douglas Edwards, Walter Cronkite, Eric Sevareid, John Chancellor, Huntley/Brinkley, Peter Jennings, Frank Reynolds and Max Robinson were heroes and were trusted. Our newspapers were expected to report the news without bias.

Things have changed. The POTUS has labeled the press the “enemy of the people” and has even asked that we don’t believe our eyes and ears. There obviously exits an alternate reality that he gets and the rest of us do not understand. I am glad he is so smart, after all he is the President. Silly me for thinking just because he stood with Putin and had a two hour private conversation with him or that he wrote a memo on the plane to exonerate his son, son-in-law, and campaign manager that something must be wrong. I must be delusional.

We are left with questions about who to believe, what you have seen or heard or the POTUS’s interpretation of events. Maybe we should forego our ability to think for ourselves and accept what we should think about things. After all he is richer, smarter, and more experienced than the rest of us. Let’s face it, he is just a better human being. Or is he?

Donald Trump is not a Deity. He is just like the rest of us, a flawed human being. Maybe more so than the rest of us. His dalliances do not make him charming. His money does not make him smart. His being elected President does not make him great. His lying does not make him believable. Life is not a reality TV show. You are ultimately accountable. The greatest commandment is “ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. The President fails this miserably.

Your eyes were given so you could see. Your ears were given so you can hear. Don’t let anyone take your senses away much less your sense.

Brad Thompson

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