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We Decide!

Early voting is over in North Carolina and by Tuesday Night all the votes in the 2018 midterms will be cast. As I anxiously watch the returns, I will be satisfied that I have done my best to use my voting power and my energy to fight for the things in which I believe. I hope you will too. So much is decided by who governs in our country and usually that is determined by who has the most votes. (I say usually because the Electoral College that elects the president seems to be based on who wins the most states rather than who gets the most votes).

There can be no doubt about the seriousness of this election. Not only will it determine the direction of our state, it could very well determine the direction of our country. Who we elect to the North Carolina General Assembly and who we elect to Congress may determine what kind of public policy we enact in the coming years. It can also determine just how much you vote counts as census and redistricting decisions are left up to the General Assembly. I, for one, believe they can do much better than they are doing.

That’s why I have made it a policy to do the following:

  • I vote in every election

  • I encourage everyone my household to vote

  • I encourage everyone in my family to vote

  • I encourage all my friends to vote

  • I send out an email encouraging all on my email list to vote

  • I encourage all my face book friends to vote

  • I send out tweets encouraging others to vote

  • I contribute to candidates

  • I BLOG about the importance of voting

Some listen. Some do not. Some act. Some do not. Voting is an individual choice but I hope you will elect to do so.

If you haven’t voted by absentee or early vote, you still have a chance on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th at your regular precinct. You can make your voice heard by casting your ballot. Regardless of the outcome, you would have done your part. And that is what is most important. Don’t let others think for you.

The majority opinion should decide this election. I believe there are others who think like me. In either case, we decide.

Brad Thompson

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