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Trouble Don't Last Always

Sometimes when things get so bad, you just want to give up because you feel that nothing you can do can change the situation. It seems like the die is cast and the only thing that can be done in a hopeless circumstance is to suffer.]

That is seldom the case. It may take perseverance to get through it but most of the time we survive. Nothing it seems is sure but that things will change. Even the most difficult situation will not last if only we can wait it out or do something to change it. Never is the circumstance truly hopeless if we only ask the question- what can I do?

As we face New Year with unknown challenges, it may be easy to get overwhelmed by the size of the mountain. It may appear too steep for us to scale or it may appear too high for us to climb. But I can assure you that it is not. Before you know it you will reach the apex, and what seemed hard and challenging, will seem easy and surmountable. You have it within yourself to reach great heights. You just have to find the inner strength and confidence to know that you are capable.

Some find the current situation in our country troubling. It seems that the strides made by the effort of so many before us will be lost because of the concerns of the minority that the gains made diminish the value of their contribution. If things were as they were then we could return to the natural order. I believe such thinking is not only folly it is faulty. We can never return to the way thing were because the way things were were wrong. We should be about making this country better, not returning it to some glorious, wrong-headed past.

The truth is, though we must work with all our strength to see that this doesn’t happen, it just can’t. “Truth crushed to the earth will rise again”. You can’t make right out of wrong and you can’t treat people badly and get away with it. Sooner or later you must pay the price and it won’t be pretty. Change is going to come because I'm so glad troubles don't last always.

As Timothy Wright wrote in his well known spiritual:

In time storm clouds rise

Keep the faith it will be alright

Weeping may endure for a night

Trouble don't last always

Be encouraged.

Be encouraged.

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