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We Have a Decision to Make

Joe Biden’s impressive win in South Carolina and domination on Super Tuesday had the effect of changing the delegate lead in the Democratic primary to choose the nominee for President of the United States. The narrowing of the field by the withdrawing of Bloomberg, Warren, and Klobuchar and the subsequent endorsement of Biden by Bloomberg and Klobuchar and the suspension of campaigns by the other candidates leaves a field that Biden and Sanders dominate. Tulsi Gabbard is a non-factor. Considering the endorsements and the hard fought win in Texas, Biden has to be seen as the favorite. It is clear that defeat of Trump is most important to the Democrats.

Biden’s victories remind me of boxing. His campaign was seen as done and going in the wrong direction. He was on the mat. The African American voters in South Carolina led by Congressman James Clyburn would have none of this. This election is too important to loose. Joe Biden not only got up off the mat but scored a knockout to win the fight. The other candidates saw the results and determined there was no way they could win. They made an informed decision and decided it was best they withdraw from the fight. It was a wise decision.

Not that the election is over. It will be November before all American voters can make their choice. They will determine if Trump’s vision of America (‘Make America Great Again’) or the Democratic alternative is better. Only then will we know the path forward. Last time voters thought that draining the swamp was more important than maintaining a course of progress started with the Obama administration. That is why it is important to vote. It matters. It really does. The efforts for voter suppression should fail. Who gets the majority of the votes should win. The Electoral College should be examined.

The choice now seems between political pragmatism and political idealism. Should we support what we believe or should we support what we think will win. Good ideas abound. We should have health care for everybody. Racism and sexism exist in our society. Poverty is too rampant. Too often we bury our heads in the sand when the problems are evident. But does the problem begin who is President or who leads the senate? If so, Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell need to be replaced. I know how I will vote and I will spend my time and limited resources to make sure others are as informed as I am. How they vote is their decision.

So we might have two decisions if we are Democrats. One is who to support in the primaries and at the convention to oppose the President. For all voters there is the decision on who best to lead this country forward. Should we remain on the path we are on led by President Trump or should we change course with new leadership. Is four years enough? We do have a decision to make.

Brad Thompson

March, 2020

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