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This too shall pass

I have learned a lot these past few weeks. Thanks to CONVID-19 I have, like most of us, been at home following the guidelines that the CDC has recommended that should help us get rid of this deadly virus. Already tens of thousands of Americans have lost their lives because of indecision and misconceptions on how deadly this virus can be. There are some advantages of being at home that were not obvious to those of us who have spent many years getting up and going to work. A few are listed below:

1. You don’t need to dress -up every day. I have found out that I have plenty of clothes. And there is none more comfortable than the ones I have on more. In fact, they can be worn more than one day if they do not smell. You are not going anywhere on don’t plan on seeing anybody anyway.

2. Left-overs can be a good find in the refrigerator. There is more in there than sandwich meats. Explore and you might find the portion from the last meal is a good lunch snack. Often the time spent in the refrigerator allows the food to marinate so it is better the second time around.

3. Trips are unnecessary. While the price of gasoline has gone down (of which I am thankful) the real saving is in the fact that we are driving much less. The few trips I have ventured out have been planned. I think where I want to go and the shortest distance to get there. The result is that far less gas is needed. I don’t need fill-up weekly and it takes far less time. My wallet is a lot fatter.

4. There are a lot of good shows on television. I know what is on each night of the week and I have my favorites. My viewing time has increased exponentially. With cable there are plenty of options but the Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Bill Maher are must see TV. I look at MSNBC more often than I view other channels.

5. As much as I like sports, I can live without them. I thought I was addicted to ESPN and the NBA channel. I also looked forward to the NFL on Sunday, Monday , and Thursday. I still have to see what happens with college football but I think I will get through that too. I must admit that I look at “Last Dance” the story of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls on ESPN and enjoy it tremendously but I can take a pas on the re-runs and the virtual sports.

6. There are more projects to do at home than you have time to do. Seems like the list is never ending. The more you do the more that needs to be done. A perfect house is beyond me but I will keep working on the list. The list keeps growing.

7. A lot of money that is spent that doesn’t have to be. In an effort to be efficient I have reviewed all the things I pay for. Surprisingly, many of the things I thought were necessary really aren’t. I have spent thousands of dollars that could have been saved. While I thought I was being frugal, it seems I have been foolish. No more.

8. We take showers and baths too frequently. I would not advise anyone to not wash daily or to brush your teeth. Both are needed. But standing under a shower daily or getting in a bathtub my not be necessary. And both use a lot of energy. I want to be as clean and to smell as good as the next person but we need to determine what is required for that to be done.

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