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I Have Lived....

I have lived through many changes in American society.

I was born after World War II when retuning heroic African American soldiers despite barriers and limitations at home fought so that freedom and liberty would be available to others.

I was alive as President Truman opened up the armed forces.

I was here when the Supreme Court decided that “separate and equal” was anything but that.

I saw the Emmitt Till photo in Jet magazine.

I was present in America as the Montgomery Bus Boycott occurred and the Sit-ins in Greensboro and around the country and the rise of Martin Luther King, Jr. as African Americans longed for justice.

I saw as SCLC and CORE and SNCC rose to be as strong as the NAACP in speaking for African Americans.

I watched as President Kennedy was assassinated.

I read that Medgar Evers was killed.

I cheered as the throng gathered for the historic “March on Washington”.

I witnessed as Stokely, the Black Panthers, Malcomb, H “Rap” Brown and others challenged non-violence as a way to gain improvement in this society.

I applauded as President Johnson signed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights legislation.

I marched. I boycotted. I integrated.

I grieved as Malcomb X was killed. Even more when MLK,Jr. was assassinated. Also Robert Kennedy.

I joined those who were rioting.

I read the Black books, recited the Black poets, and listened to Jazz.

I suffered through Viet Nam.

I was disappointed that Humphrey, Mondale, and Dukakis did not win.

I worked hard for Jesse Jackson in’84 and ’88.

I attended the Congressional Black Caucus Weekends in the hope I could pick up tips that would improve my advocacy.

I was happy to see the increase of the number of Black People in Congress.

I was impressed by the numbers as I attended the Million Man March.

I joined other progressives as the debate was elevated on how America could be improved.

I celebrated the election of Barack Obama as President.

I endured Trump.

But I have always been Black.

We have come a long way but we have a long way to go. VOTE!

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