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The Election

The votes are in and it appears the Biden/Harris ticket has prevailed. January 20, 2021 the country will inaugurate Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. Donald Trump may refuse to leave or may file another law suit but according to the votes cast by American citizens, he has lost. The better course for the country and for him is for him to leave. I hope he will make that decision.

Upon reflection there are some areas and people that have contributed to this victory. Listed below are some of them:

  1. Georgia (particularly metro Atlanta)- Stacy Abrams, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Black Voters Matter and othersworked very hard to mobilize voters and seem to have flipped the state from Republican to Democrat. This might spell a new day in Georgia and the South.

  2. Black Voters and Mayors in metropolitan areas came out in record numbers to support the ticket of Biden/Harris. This played a large part to its success.

  3. Jim Clyburn’s endorsement led to Biden’s resurgence in the primary and to victory in South Carolina. There can be little doubt that his win there led to his nomination.

  4. Metro Philly and Pittsburgh led the way to a decisive Biden/Harris victory in Pennsylvania that took the ticket above the required 270 electoral votes.

  5. If we ever doubted that every vote matters, this election should serve as an example that everybody should vote.

  6. Arizona has demonstrated that they have a long memory. You just don’t talk about their beloved John McCain. Now they have two DEMOCRATIC Senators.Phoenix and Tucson are places where everybody matters.

  7. Lincoln Republican showed courage by going against a President of their own party. Their courage was rewarded.

  8. The LGBTQ community showed they can put money and votes up.Mayor Pete demonstrated that brains are not determined by sexual preference.

There is still work to do. The election does not solve the problems that face our country.

  1. We must bring an end to the devastation of COVID-19. The loss of hundreds of thousands of American lives must be end.

  2. We cannot survive without people working. We must find a way to get people working again and the kids going back to school.State and local governments and businesses must not be allowed to go broke. A stimulus is needed.

  3. We must make sure that those leading us look like us.Appointments that reflect our diversity is necessary.

  4. Some reform of policing is necessary. We all want to be safe but unnecessary use of force is a problem. We must have a better way of dealing with those who have mental health issues.

  5. Everybody deserves goorove public education. That is a promise of America. If it requires more federal funding, better pay for teachers, smaller class sizes, or other methods we must continue our efforts to provide quality education to all students.

  6. Racism is too rampant in America. Those who practice it should be ostracized or jailed.

  7. Climate Change is real. We must decrease our dependence on fossil fuels and find alternate methods of producing energy.

  8. We must find a way to be more civil in America. Leadership matters.

  9. We must be a model to other countries on what a society should do.

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